२९ जून, २०१०

Word 2007 supports Unicode

     Long back I had installed Unicode technology at my home computer. I have created a number of documents in notepad thorough Marathi language, which is my mother tongue. I used type Marathi matter in notepad and then copy it to Word 2003. I had Office 2003 installed. Directly typing in Word 2003 was not possible. Even after copying to Word 2003, the matter was not quite visible.
     It was clear that Word 2003 does not support Unicode technology. Neither through direct typing or in case of copying. By default, Mangal font is associated with Marathi in Unicode and Mangal is not seen in Word 2003.     
     Few days back, I was just discussing with family members and some of friends about Unicode's compatibility with Word 2007. Most of them opined that Word 98 was supporting Unicode. I was of the same opinion. I informed them the situation of Word 2003.
     Recently, I had installed Word 2007 at my home and I was sure that it is not going to support Unicode..
     to my great surprise...I could do it!
     I tried my name in Marathi and it was successfull! I was absolutely overwhelmed!!! 

     Microsoft had decided to support regional languages?
     Anybody has idea?

१४ मे, २०१०

How to repeat a kind of formatting in excel?

We often need to apply a formatting to more than one cell, one row one column.
Today, we will how to do this with the example of applying colour.
Please follow the steps given below:

  1. Select cell A1.
  2. Apply any colour in that cell, for example 'Yellow'.
  3. Let the cell be selected.
  4. Verify that Standard Toolbar is available below main menus. 
  5. Verify that a tool Format Painter is available below the menu Data on Standard Toolbar.
  6. Double click the tool.
  7. Verify that the selected cell is surrounded by dotted line. It indicates that the tool has become active.
  8. Click on cell B1. Observe that the same colour yellow is applied in that cell.
  9. Click on cell C1. Observe that the same colour yellow is applied to the cell. 
  10. Click on cell D5. Observe that the same colour yellow is applied to the cell.
  • In this way, you can colour any number of cells in that sheet. 
  • Please note that you could apply a formatting repeatedly, because you had double clicked the original cell. If you would have single clicked the original cell, you could have applied the formatting only once, to only one cell.

  Try another example:

  1. Type the word 'Excel' in cell B2.
  2. Apply color 'Blue' to the words.
  3. Type the word 'Word' in cell C3.
  4. Type the word 'PowerPoint' in cell E1.
  5. Type the word 'Document' in cell F4.
  6. Select the cell B2.
  7. Double click the tool Format Painter.
  8. Click the cells C3, E1 and F4.
  9. Observe that all three words in C3, E1 and F4 have become blue.